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1. Consisting of various kinds; varied: a shelf containing miscellaneous objects. 2. Having a variety of characteristics or aspects: a website providing miscellaneous information.

2016 Free Printable Calendar

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I was planning for the longest time to upload a freebie - and what can be more useful than a 2016 Free Printable Calendar? Plus it has great motivational quotes to keep you going. You can hang it in your office or kitchen or anywhere you'd like. This is a.

9 November/Posted by yuliavizel

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m i n t o – free resume templates for word

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Making your resume stand out in a crowded field is critical to gaining an edge over the growing field of job seekers; fortunately, it's not as difficult as you'd think. With these professionally designed and easily customizable resume and cover letter templates. Cover letters and resumes are the first impression.

24 September/Posted by yuliavizel

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