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1. Consisting of various kinds; varied: a shelf containing miscellaneous objects. 2. Having a variety of characteristics or aspects: a website providing miscellaneous information.

Alok and the Zen Art of Life

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I came across Alok Hsu's art while researching the meaning of Enso.  Alok Hsu Kwang-han is an internationally acclaimed and highly original Zen calligraphic painter from China. His creations are a striking synthesis of the beauty of Chinese calligraphy, the spontaneity and simplicity of Zen, and the evolution of Western.

15 November/Posted by yuliavizel

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Restricted Areas by Danila Tkachenko

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Erie & Serene is what I would describe photography by Russian photographer Danila Tkachenko. His series of abandoned government areas in snowy Russia highlight the technological race of the human race. "The project "Restricted Areas" is about utopian strive of humans for technological progress. Humans are always trying to own.

19 September/Posted by yuliavizel

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Wilted Flowers Photography

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For some reason i'm fond of photographing wilting flowers.

20 February/Posted by yuliavizel

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Nava Waxman – Tracing The Artist Within

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Nava Massas Waxman is a Toronto based Multi-disciplined artist. Her work ranges from paintings, photography, objects and drawing. Her artistic practice investigates the complex relationship and tension between the personal and inner perception, identity, autobiography, relation of self to others and the outside world, all imbued with profound sense of.

13 September/Posted by yuliavizel

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The kiss in front hotel deville robert doiseneau

Robert Doiseneau – capturing the spirit of life.

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Few artists could master the amusing juxtaposition and the faibles of human nature with such vigor as Robert Doisneau. His camera sought the surreal in everyday life while the photographer himself was charmed by his subjects. There are days when the simple fact of seeing seems a real joy; you.

24 August/Posted by yuliavizel

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minimalism white clock

Minimalism in Photography

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Minimalism in Photography is a very subjective concept in the art world. The Webster dictionary defines Minimalism in Photography as follows: A style or technique that is characterized by extreme spareness and simplicity. Some love it, others hate it, but no one seems to be indifferent. Many artists thrive in the.

18 April/Posted by yuliavizel

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Gary Taxali street art black and white toronto

Toronto’s Street Art Graffiti – True Colors of The City

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Gary Taxali is a Canadian artist known for his cartoon-style illustrations. Toronto’s Street Art Graffiti art adds colour and is evidence of a vibrant, living creative class. Although controversy still reigns over what is true art and what is vandalism, the city’s more enlightened policy has encouraged lots of ‘art’.

18 April/Posted by yuliavizel

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The One of a Kind Show Toronto 2014 – Highlights

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I’ve recently, attended the One of a Kind Show Toronto 2014 for the second consecutive year and I had an absolute blast. Even though I didn’t finish walking (speed walking to be exact - I was only able to attend the last 2 hours of the show) down the aisles,.

12 January/Posted by yuliavizel

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Fornasetti Forever

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I first learned of Piero Fornasetti from an article in Financial Times Weekend a few years ago. I was immediately attracted to his distinct graphical style which was at once modern (pop art) and metaphysical (surrealism of DeChirico, Magritte, Dali).  I saw clearly the influence of Picasso’s monumental Guernica (1937).

16 December/Posted by yuliavizel

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flux chair – great design meets flexibility

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Once in a while you come across modern furniture that catches your eye and makes you so excited about design. This is the case with the flux chair. I first spotted it at the IDS12 in Toronto, when i was passing with my friend by an auditorium and saw the.

30 November/Posted by yuliavizel

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