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1. Consisting of various kinds; varied: a shelf containing miscellaneous objects. 2. Having a variety of characteristics or aspects: a website providing miscellaneous information.

On Photography By Susan Sontag – Every Serious Photographer’s Must-Read

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On Photography By Susan Sontag, is a true masterpiece and should be read by all photographers. Ironically, this book's edition doesn't have a SINGLE photo in it - not only is the book a great intellectual catalyst and great vocabulary builder (my copy is filled with side notes), but it.

26 November/Posted by yuliavizel

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The kiss in front hotel deville robert doiseneau

Robert Doiseneau – capturing the spirit of life.

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Few artists could master the amusing juxtaposition and the faibles of human nature with such vigor as Robert Doisneau. His camera sought the surreal in everyday life while the photographer himself was charmed by his subjects. There are days when the simple fact of seeing seems a real joy; you.

24 August/Posted by yuliavizel

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murakami documentary – in search of the elusive writer

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This Murakami documentary is as close as you can get to the elusive writer. Haruki Murakami's works of fiction and non-fiction have garnered him critical acclaim and numerous awards - just discovered murakami's body of work? You might want to read my book review of 1Q84.

20 November/Posted by yuliavizel

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world’s best selling book

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Before you get confused by the "World's best selling book" tagline, read the title of the book again. "It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be." Obviously, Arden aspires to have this be the world's best selling book. All of the advice in this book.

1 November/Posted by yuliavizel

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