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1. Consisting of various kinds; varied: a shelf containing miscellaneous objects. 2. Having a variety of characteristics or aspects: a website providing miscellaneous information.

NOIR x Stevie Boi Fashion Shoot

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Stevie Boi is an American fashion designer, actor and founder of the luxury eye-wear line & Brand SBShades. Boi designs and sells unisex eye-wear and accessories on his website and in select luxury boutique stores across the globe. Stevie has designed eye-wear for stars such as Kesha ,Beyonce, Madonna, Britney.

7 October/Posted by yuliavizel

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Project Spotlight: Philosophy of Beauty – Branding Design Package

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I was approached to create Branding Design Package for a new beauty clinic in Toronto. Since the name of the business was already established - Philosophy of Beauty - I've decided to play on the symbolic aspect of the brand. The Lotus Flower is associated with purity and beauty, hence.

24 December/Posted by yuliavizel

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victoria beckham australian vogue read online

victoria beckham in australian vogue

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Continuing my fascination with Victoria Beckham, I've found her on the front cover of Australian Vogue. You can read the article below.

10 September/Posted by yuliavizel

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The One of a Kind Show Toronto 2014 – Highlights

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I’ve recently, attended the One of a Kind Show Toronto 2014 for the second consecutive year and I had an absolute blast. Even though I didn’t finish walking (speed walking to be exact - I was only able to attend the last 2 hours of the show) down the aisles,.

12 January/Posted by yuliavizel

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National ballet of canada principal dancers

Svetlana Lunkina is a dream.

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One of national ballet of Canada principal dancers Svetlana Lunkina stars in a short video posted by Toronto agency A Plus Creative. The video Lost in a Dream is set to “Took This Long” by Canadian singer Erin Lang (daughter of April Wine bassist Steve Lang) and showcases Lunkina in dresses.

6 November/Posted by yuliavizel

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